Coconut oil has been carefully selected from high quality crude coconut oil. The coconut oil is refined, bleached and deodorized with utmost care to ensure the highest quality of coconut oil.

During the special refining process all impurities have been removed and provided good resistance against oxidation thereby increasing stability and shelf life. It’s light color, bland taste and lack of off-flavors makes it the perfect edible oil for your frying, baking and all other cooking needs.


It is a common misconception that coconut contains cholesterol. Tied into that misconception is also the idea that adding coconut oil to your diet increases cholesterol in the body, therefore making it a danger to public health.

Well, it is good to know that cholesterol cannot be found in any plant and therefore any coconut product including desiccated coconut, coconut milk powder, Banana Chips or coconut oil contains no cholesterol.




Coconut oil is packed in PET bottles;

Package Cartons 20ft
24 x 500 ml 1.440 cartons
12 x 1 L 1.695 cartons
4 x 5 L 798 cartons

Shelf life

Coconut oil is packed in consumer packs and has a shelf life of 24 months when stored in a cool and dry place.