We can offer a wide range of soft drinks, such as:
– Apple juice
– Bitter Lemon
– Cassis
- Cola
– Energy drinks
– Ginger Ale
– Orange juice
– Sodawater
– Tonic

This range of exclusive products is available for specific targeted markets. Please let us know the final destination.


This complete range of products offers a solution for all your portfolio gaps. Whether you are looking for a bitter soft drink, a (functional) mineral water, a juice or an energy drink, we can answer to your needs.


The Netherlands (EU).


Softdrinks are packed in:
– 24 cans of 250 ml
– 24 cans of 330 ml
– 24 glass bottles of 200 ml
– 12 x 75 cl glass bottles
– 6 x 150 cl pet

Shelf life

Soft drinks have a maximum shelf life ranging from 6 months (Light products) to 12 months when stored in a cool and dry place. Should be protected from direct exposure to sunlight and heat sources.