Bakery-Milkpowder-replacer-dairy-milkpowderREDThe soft ice cream powder is a ready to use mix. Available with Chocolate, Vanilla or Yoghurt flavours. Add 3500 gram of cold (max. +7 degrees Celsius) and purified (previously boiled) water to 1500 gram of soft ice cream powder to make 5 kilo of soft serve which is equivalent to 71 servings.


 Has a natural and creamy taste and appearance. This soft ice cream powder can also be used to prepare smoothies. Add 200 gram of powder to 800 ml of water to prepare a delicious smoothie. Add flavours (fruit syrups) as per your desires. 




Soft Ice Cream powder is packed in PE/ALU sachets of 8 x 1500 gram per carton.

20ft: 945 cartons
40ft: 2222 cartons

Shelf life

At ambient temperatures (max 23 degrees celsius) in original sealed bags Soft Ice Cream powder has a shelf life of 12 months when stored in a cool and dry place. Should be protected from direct exposure to sunlight and heat sources. 


Contains sugar, milk constituents, vegetable oil (coconut/palm), maltodextrin, glucose, syrup, vanilla flavour, stabilizers (E451, E412, E466), anti-caking agent (E341), emulsifier (E471, E471a) and aroma.